Belief: What do we really believe?

This is not really a posting about religious belief. It starts out that way, but hang in there because I’m going somewhere with this. Buckle up, it is going to be a ride with a few surprising twists and turns. What do Catholics believe? If somebody told you that they were Catholic, you would quite … Read more

The collapse of faith in Catholic priests

What do Catholics think about Catholic Priests? Roughly one month ago, in the lead up to Christmas 2018, Gallup conducted a poll of people that asked about the categories of professions that they trusted the most. They have been doing that every year for some time now. From that one we learned the following … Nurses … Read more

The Success of Silent protest against Pope’s visit in Ireland

If you read some reports of the visit to Ireland by Pope Francis  you perhaps get the impression that the visit was a resounding success. We have headlines such as … Irish Times: Up to 500,000 expected at Pope Francis’ Phoenix Park Mass Telegraph: Live: The Pope holds mass for 500,000 in Ireland The official website also … Read more

Top 3 Weird Religious News items for the week

Last week I posted my top three items of religious craziness that had happened during the previous seven days. OK, so let’s have another go and see what has popped up in the last seven days. Item 1 – Pope claims it is better to be an Atheist It feels odd to reading stories about the leader of … Read more

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